Bellanca Airfield Museum 2023

Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design

After a few years of downtime, we were asked to revisit Bellanca Airfield Museum to bring them up to speed.

Some of the work we did for them during our 7th year of work for the non-profit was to migrate their website to a better hosting, one that had the latest SQL Servers so the website could run more efficiently from the original hosting bought a decade ago.

We also redesigned their tri-folds, making sure they still promoted the brand, but also felt more in line with the new planes and memorabilia they had to showcase throughout their museum. One of the prior plane logos was reintroduced for this upcoming season, as we have a few of the stapled airplanes to cycle through each season.

Lastly, we made multiple event posts for their social media channels and websites for events they held at the Airfield Museum throughout the 2023 Season.