Meredith is the Creative Director of Grunge Muffin Designs, as well as an award-winning graphic artist and illustrator. Her focus is on branding and graphic design, arts advocacy, and community engagement through the arts. Meredith has a bachelor's degree in Integrated Arts, and four associate degrees in related studies.
BrandingGraphic Design Portfolio: Bellanca Airfield Museum - Grunge Muffin Designs

Bellanca Airfield Museum 2014 – 2015

Bellanca Airfield Museum 2014 – 2015Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration This airfield museum brand centers around an illustration by Meredith of Miss Veedol, a popular plane by Guiseppe M. Bellanca. The brand started with an illustration featured on a poster, tri-fold, car show flyers, social media images, and museum displays. The Uncle Sam illustration is a…

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